Low valley of the Rio Chubut

Low valley of the Rio Chubut The excursion of the Low Valley of the Rio Chubut is an excursion by day I complete. We will go out of Port Pinguinos de MagallanesMadryn, in schedule to be convenient, to visit Rawson's Port, in which the Avistaje of Dolphins is realized. It will depend on the level of the tides, in order that those passengers who want to realize
it could do it embarking in this pictures natural port that produces the river mouth
of the Rio Chubut in the sea The Atlantic Ocean. The Dolphins Ovaries are small and singular cetacean, only observable in Patagonia. After having lunch, we will happen for Trelew's city to know the Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio, considered the most important of South America for his sample of Patagonian Paleontology and our famous Dinosaurs. In addition we will know the people more.

We will know the most important people of the settling Welshwomen, Gaiman,
will have time to cross it and if they want they will be able Valle del Río Chubutto taste the Typical
Tea Wales with his rich variety of cakes
and domestic sweets.

We will cross the way of farms, to admire the way of life of the farmers…

This visit is realized all the year round. Impede, he does not present We suggest comfortable clothes, hat, solar protection and you gain many of enjoying the day.

It does not include: Avistaje of Dolphins, entered to the Museum, do not even show restraint.

Note: These activities may change due to weather conditions or schedules tide.