Lighthouses and cliffs

In this trip we guide you to meet the real Patagonia of coastlines and steppe, with its big nature spaces, its cliffs and its live nature.

Along the day you will have the possibility of riding through the paths on mountain bike, feeling the wind, enjoying the silence and watching the sky and the colors of the morning, after this experience we arrive to other interest points through vehicles, specially prepared for this excursion.
Acantilado patagónico
The guide will take you to the past, for you to imagine the antic houses of natives and primitive explorers, their relation with the flora and fauna that we will see during the trip, still pristine, despite the passage of time.

We will visit the Punta Ninfas lighthouse, where you will be able to see elephant seal colonies in a unique context, as we will be at the mouth of Nuevo Gulf, opposite to the Valdés Peninsula coasts, in a panoramic cliff that you hardly will be able to erase from your mind.

This will be the environment to enjoy a delicious lunch and outdoor activities as trekking and bird watching.

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