For cruises passengers visiting our region, we can offer you excursions in private services. In car with guiding drivers Cruceros en el muelle Alte. Stornior in vans with driver and guide, always in small groups to visit the greatest attractions of our region. During the long distances you will be able to watch the most pristine landscapes of the Patagonian steppe- you can watch all our terrestrial fauna, large herds of guanacos, rheas, Patagonian maras, foxes, etc. Once in the costal reserves the guide will go among you to walk the reserve paths to watch the Magellan's penguins breeding grounds, wolfs colonies and the seal elephants or make navigations searching for whales, dolphins or Commerson's dolphins.

Other alternatives, that we offer is to enjoy a countryside day, sharing a Patagonian lamb , or a visit to Chubut river valleZorro - Foto: Patriany, to discover the peculiarities of the culture developed there since the Welsh settling, their chapels, their houses, the valley production, and its famous Welsh tea service.

All this circuits does not extend 7 hours of travel, respecting the disembarking and embarking schedules in Port.

We wait for your request; please inform us in which ship and date you have scheduled to arrive to our area, in this way we will be able to offer the best alternatives depending on the presence of the fauna.